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Featuring the Michiana Vintage Racing Report by Ron Verash as seen in MARC Times Racing News

Michiana Vintage Racing ReportBy Ron Verash

South Bend, IN 6/28/04...This has been quite a week.  A lot of lows and one big high. Starting with the lows was the passing of Chuck Carter at 60 years old. He raced Hobby stocks at South Bend, then moved to the Late Model class. I still think his #3 Nova from 1981 was one of the sharpest cars I've ever seen. His son, Keith now races at "The Bend."

Next was the passing of Mick Schuler. One, he was a great announcer. Two, he was a race fan, and that made him one of the best "pronouncers" there ever was. He really made races enjoyable. I remember going up to Kalamazoo, and there would be an out of towner and you would think that based on most announcer's abilities that Mick would not know anything about this particular racer. Wrong, Mick knew about almost all of the racers he announced for because he was a fan first. I Will miss him a great deal. A couple years ago, MVR was at Kazoo and I did a racing quiz. One of the questions was "Who wrote the column "Wide  Angle?" Of course he wrote that column years back and the name of the column was a pun on his "larger" size as well as skills as a photographer/announcer who was always able to see the larger picture. When he saw that he grinned and said thanks.

The next passing was that of Joe Kovatch. He was one of builders of the South Bend Motor Speedway. Though his ownership of the track was years ago, he would still go to the track, and dress in what would be described as an officials outfit. Current South Bend Motor Speedway Promotoer Mike Bird even said that Joe looks more like an official than Mike himself did. That leaves only Tom Romanowski as the remaining original builders of that high banked quarter mile track.

Leaving that subject, but still with South Bend in mind was the 4th annual Racer's Reunion was deemed a great success. The total number of participants was over 265. I'll get a copy and check, but at any rate, that was a great turnout. I was talking it up that 200 was my goal. I knew that several of those that voiced interest in coming wouldn't be there, but I give a lot of credit to the guys who did make it out. Some of these guys are reaching some milestones on the age meter and it's great that they would take the time and make the effort. I won't get them all this week, but here's a small sampling of those in attendance: Eldon Byler, Leroy Harschberger, Earl Simpson, Carl Smith, Tom VanDevoorde, Mike Vandermaas, Snookie Fitz, Leroy Shaffer, Ron Rosentretter, Dude Weaver, Billy Jo Havens, Dale Lancaster, Frank Demske, Bob Carnes, Willie Stutzman, Margie Miller, John Witter, Ron Koehler, Ray Chandler, Mike Bingamen, Ernie Nash, Jerry Zachary, Jake and Nancy Galloway, Irish Saunders, Lyle Bailey, Tom York, Jim Baugh, Roger Stealey, and Ozzie. How's that for openers? I'll list more next week.

The emotion displayed by the nominees inducted proved just how prestigious this Hall of Fame Induction really is. And judging  by the participant turnout, this whole concept is a is a worthwhile venture. Getting these guys back together for one more night turned into a 3 month effort on my part alone, not to mention the other hard work put in by many other people. In the end though it was worth every minute.

MVR brought 17 cars to the event. Club members in attendance included: Pat York in  the Mack #4 Sprinter, Tom York from Whitesburg, Tenn., with his Kurtis Craft, Randy Peters and his Keenan-Addy supermodified, Paul Hein with his Cravens#12 supermodified, Lee Booze, from Ohio in the Logan#99 Sprinter, Grover Ritter in the MacPherson #5 sprint car, Dave Grose in a dirt Super Mod, Tom Davies in a Sprint, Gary Byers and his Midget,J ack Troyer in his 1956 Chevy Stocker, Dan Cline and Dan Livengood in their Supers from Ohio, Jim York in his Leavell Sprinter, and Dave Mania brought  Bill Wingate's last Street Stock out of the mothballs. Not only did we have some great vintage cars on display courtesy of our club but we also want thank several other people who had displays at the show. A big thanks goes out to Don Woolley for bringing out a computer to show pictures, Gary Freet for the model car display, Ron Titus with his paintings, Bobby Stremme for bringing his ASA Late Model for display, Ted Knorr for bringing Wayne Bryant and some of his photos, and Snookie and Teresa Fitz for working the front gate sign in table.

We did get one newspaper, the South Bend Tribune to come out for a story. Sad that I spent time contacting 9 other new services about this event and not even one reply. It was good to see Dean Huppert from FOX 28 made it out there to show his support, and do some taping.

New Paris is having an old timers night on July 31,the Michiana Vintage Racers will be there as well. Any interested parties that did not sign up at South Bend, can call {574}234-2798 for details. I didn't get to see much racing, but car counts were 30 Sportsman,15 Mini's,14 VROA Modifieds, and 23 Thundercars.

Saturday after a swap meet was New Paris for their twin 75's.Big car counts as N.P. continues to be a magnet. In the Late Models, Josh Taylor led 26 laps until Charlie Hanna zipped by and claimed 1st place. Taylor was 2nd with Scott Ross 3rd.Green flag racing for the last 40 plus laps, and in that time, only one car was lapped, and that was in the last lap. Their L.M. tire now has everybody bunched up. Fast qualifier Mike Garver was a early out as well as Greg Parr. Sunday it was off to Plymouth Speedway. I took the books down for show, and to promote next weeks show with the Michiana Vintage Racers. Car counts were excellent as 26, Late Models were on hand including Hanna, Kazoo shoe Hank Miller, Ross, Josh Taylor, Donny Klotz, JR, Steve Teske, Charlie Henderson in the Hayes #78,Bobby Morgan, Randy Cook moved up a class, Tim Taylor, Ken Lollar, and Steve Stacy and Shawn Amor both had their cars fixed from last week.

A tangle before the green at the start of the feature took out Hank Miller. Amor shot from the pole to open a big lead. Not a good deal as the clocks caught Shawn over the breakout. With him back to last, Scott Ross takes the lead from Moose Miller for the lead and wins his 1st of the year. Great run for Miller as he garners a 2nd, Josh Taylor backs up his great run at N.P., with a 3rd over Stacy, Justin Matson, Hanna from 19th,Mike Thayer, Klotz, Chuck Houin, Jim Espich, Buck Hale, who took a shot into the wall in his heat, Ron Albaugh, and Amor. Tim Taylor took the B. Hank Miller was quick time 13.80,and 19th was a 14.29.That's close.

The Sportsman was a Bob Early benefit. Andy Peterson has a flat to fall out. Kevin Gunkel goes over his time to surrender first. Boal was 2nd over Gunkel, Ty Hayes, who won at New Paris, Thunder Valley feature winner Brian Smith, Phil Haag, Lollar, Sr., Matt Sparks, and Greg Gifford. Modifieds had newcomers Ronnie Phipps, Everett James, and Todd Gearhart. Tony Dager, Tom Jewell, and Rick Brown were all back after a week off. The feature was a goodie. R.J.Norton led, then John Rainey took the point. As he led, Jeremy Wallen made contact putting both on the tail. Norton held off a charge by Brian Lolmaugh for the win. Phiips was 3rd over Josh Lolmaugh, Tony Dager, Jewell, Dave Wise, Angie Tarlton, and Wallen. In all,86 cars were in the pits. That had to be the biggest car count in 3 years.

Next week is all classes with the Late Models going 50 laps. The Michiana Vintage Racer's, the photo books, and Fireworks. I also believe a band is lined up after the races. I believe there will be over 100 cars next week. Coolers are allowed, although they can't contain any alky or glass. Should be a dynamite show, literally with the fireworks. Races start at 5 p.m.

This Friday at Hartford will be an open vintage car show in conjunction with the King OF Michigan 360 Nationals. Looking for over 40 Sprinters from a few states. Wide open show for favorites. Dustin Daggett has been strong but Indiana pilots Brett Mann and Tim Norman will be there. Plus the groups from the Lima, Ohio and Fremont area. Probably some Canadian cars as well. Not to forget I'll be bringing the photo books to Hartford. Wow what a deal. First time for the photo books and Vintage cars at Hartford. Will be a lot of fun. For more information on the vintage cars,call{574}234-2798 for details. See ya Friday at the big half mile.

Michiana Vintage Racing Report

This week's questions have to do with Fort Wayne Supermodified history.

  1. When the Supers last ran at the Fort in 1986,who won the feature, and what was the name of the racing organization?
  2. Back in 1980,they ran an open Comp show. Who won the feature for that race. Here's a clue-he was an Oswego veteran.

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