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Randy Peters Photo Gallery

Randy has been a racing enthusiast most of his life. Being a close friend of Pat York it was only logical that Randy got the bug to go vintage with MVR!

Here's some more info about Randy-

Car (s) Keenan-Addy Roadster
Year Car was Restored Started 2001 Hopefully finished 2004!
Original Builder  
Driver (s) Johnny Logan
Year's Raced  
Tracks Raced At Oswego, (NY), Speedway, Berlin, (MI), Raceway, Hartford, (MI) Speedway,
Misc. Car Info This car has parts from an Indy roadster. The car was never really successful but did win some heat races at Oswego. The car that was built after this one was much more successful.
Favorite Track  
Favorite Driver  
Favorite Food  
Favorite Music  
Best Things About Being an MVR Member  
Other Hobbies  




Randy's super got a lot of attention at the Kalamazoo Old Timers meet as many remembered Johnny Logan's exploits in the supermodified world.

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